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Focus on the Strings

Focus on the Strings

A comprehensive examination of the string family. All aspects of writing for the strings are covered, including  the basics of bowings, phrasing, slurs, off the string strokes, harmonics- both real and artificial, ensemble issues, adding the double bass, solo instruments, film music, and aleatoric techniques.

Chapter 1-The Instruments

Gustav Mahler-Symphony No. 5

Chapter 2-Viola and Bass Duets

Johannes Brahms-Symphony No. 1 Use of the Viola

Chapter 3-String Quartet

Joseph Haydn-Quartet in A Major Opus 55

W.A. Mozart-Quartet in D Major No. 21

Bela Bartok-Quartet No. 2

Chapter 4-String Orchestra

Ludwig van Beethoven String Quartet No. 11

Johannes Brahms Quartet No. 2

Edvard Grieg-Holberg Suite

Chapter 5-Solo Instruments

Felix Mendelssohn-Violin Concerto

Chapter 6-Avant-garde

Kristof Penderecki-Threnody for Hiroshima

Norman Ludwin-Into the Dark

Chapter 7-Contemporary Music

Alban Berg-Lyric Suite

Chapter 8-Film Music

Michael Giacchino-The Incredibles




 375 pages (Each book includes a DropBox link for the audio examples).

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